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Tau's Happy Ranting Place

As if you didn't know life was a bitch without me pointing it out

26 October 1988
What is Tau? Tau is the nineteenth letter in the greek alphabet. In classical physics, it is used to indicate torque, the rotational equivalent of force, being the product of perpendicular force applied to a lever and the length of the lever arm at the point of force. When spelled with an "o" instead of a "u" in the latin alphabet, tao is the ancient chinese concept of the fundamental, ethereal essence of the universe, that which unites yin and yang. As the great sage Lao Tzu said,
"The Tao is so empty,
So hollow.
Yet somehow its usefulness is inexhaustible
It is so very deep
So very profound.
Like the source of everything."

Tau is something that both scientists and philosophers hold dear, an invaluble link between the right and the left brain, and a concept which we mortals cannot fully comprehend in this life. That, in the smallest of nutshells, is Tau.

Tau is also a male, human, young adult from Price Georges County, Maryland, but currently spending the better part of his time residing in the fourth floor of Mountain View Hall at Messiah College in Bumblefuck Pennsylvania. He is on a perpetual journey of self-discovery, intellectual achievement, and perpetual shenanigans. Join the Tau(o), you won't be sorry.